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EP Additives

EP Additives can significantly improve the tribological properties of lubricants. By reacting with the material surfaces, EP additives prevent welding of the metallic materials under extreme pressure or load conditions.

EP additives in the lubricant industry are used to improve the lubricity of oils in situations with extremely high pressure and high loads. EP additives form a protective layer on the metal surfaces that come into contact with each other under such conditions, such as gears, transmissions or roller bearings. By forming this layer, direct contact between the metal surfaces is avoided, which reduces wear and damage. EP additives are therefore crucial for improving the performance and service life of machines and systems, especially under extreme operating conditions.

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EP Additives of the LUBIO® EP series contain both oil- and water-soluble products. The sulphur compounds normally used for EP additives are available in the LUBIO® EP series with a high active sulfur content (LUBIO® EP 11) or with low active sulfur content (LUBIO® EP 12). The ratio of active sulphur to total sulphur can be adjusted almost continuously.

All EP additives for the lubricant industry at a glance:

wdt_ID LUBIO® Active Ingredient Form Rust/Ox Compr. Hydr. Grease Engine ATF MWF Gear Biolubes Chainsaw
1 EP 1 Salt of sulfurized sulfonates S
3 EP 3 Ashless dialkyl phosphite L
4 EP 8 Sulfurized vegetable oil L
6 EP 9 Sulfurized vegetable oil and olefines L
7 EP 10 Sulfurized olefines L
8 EP 11 Sulfurized olefines L
9 EP 12 Sulfurized vegetable oil L
10 EP 13 Sulfurized vegetable oil L
11 EP 14 Sulfurized vegetable oil L
Form Rust/Ox Compr. Hydr. Grease Engine ATF MWF Gear Biolubes Chainsaw

EP Additives are used in the lubricant industry to improve the tribological properties of lubricants in high pressure and high load applications. EP additives react under high pressure and form a reactive surface on the metal surfaces, protecting them from direct metal-to-metal contact. This reduces wear and damage to surfaces in mechanical systems such as gears, gear wheels and roller bearings. The use of EP additives is therefore crucial to ensure the operational safety and service life of machines under extreme operating conditions.

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